Dry cleaning, laundry, tailoring, alterations and repairs specialists

Alterations & Repairs

Have your alterations and repairs taken care of at Prima Cleaners. Our Alteration and Repair Service is available in all of our stores.

Our highly-skilled and experienced on-site tailors will take care of all your repairs and alterations, completing the job to a professional standard that is second to none.

Tailored repairs and alterations can be made to all garments in an extensive range of common materials such as leather and suede items, the tailored, alteration and repair service can be conducted either alongside a cleaning service or singularly without a cleaning service.

At Prima Cleaners, we bring the expertise, the experience and the dedication to our repair and alterations service that can be found in any of our other services; whether rejuvenating a garment or perfecting its fit, we are here to help your garments get you looking your best.

A fitting service is also available at all of our Prima Cleaners premises.