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Hand Hygiene During the Pandemic

Solutions for fighting viruses – we introduce a super strength sanitiser with anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-microbial technology with long-lasting protection for all skin types

Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser

In a world increasingly reliant on highly-effective hand sanitiser solutions, Prima has taken hand hygiene to a new standard with our automatic touch-free sanitiser dispensers.

Using high-accuracy sensors, these portable systems deliver a precise quantity of soap or sanitizer without the need to touch the dispenser. This vastly reduces the risk of infection transmission while ensuring users get the right amount of product every time as well as minimising wastage.

Also available mounted on a portable telescopic stand, these units are perfect for transporting to temporary hospitals, supermarkets or anywhere there is an urgent need for hand washing and sanitizing equipment.


• Made of ABS

• Portable

• Electronic

• Minimize waste and ensure maximum hygiene

•  Flexibility and performance for great performance

• Non-contact ultra-hygienic operation

• Automatically provides the perfect measurement every time

• Portability allows hand hygiene in any location

A powerful super-strength sanitiser for all hands


  • Quick, easy and ready to use
  • instant sanitation of hands
  • Used without soap and water
  • Non-rinse formula, Non-alcoholic may be gentler on skin


  • Specially formulated liquid hand sanitiser for use on human hands.
  • Hand disinfectant
  • Contains super-strength sanitiser with anti-bacterial, anti virus and anti microbial technology with long-lasting protection for all skin types.

Virus protection

  • Contains unique bio-technology to help better protect against viruses and infections.