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Specialist Cleaning

Puffa Jackets

Down Jackets and Winter Apparel cleaned.

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The simple way to clean your down jacket and Canada Goose.

The harsh realities of English winters can often be subdued by quality down apparel. Without frequent cleaning, the down will clump and lose much of its insulation properties.

Our non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning process WetCare® will protect your Canada Goose Parka and other down apparel.

Postage Label

Simply download our address label and fix this to your parcel, remembering to include the completed returns slip. We recommend using a tracked service, ensuring the value or your jacket is properly insured.



Suede, Leather and Fur Dry Cleaning throughout Merseyside

Prima Cleaners appreciate the thorough cleaning process for any tailored garment requires specialist knowledge, attention to detail and skill; leather, fur, and suede are no different.

At Prima Cleaners Liverpool, our highly qualified, trained and experienced team are skilled in the cleaning and restoring of suede and leather. As well as taking care of sheepskin boots, bag cleaning and rugs, we even have a specialist service that is dedicated to the cleaning and restoring of motorcycle leathers.

Natural oils in suede and leather can harm the texture of your garments if not properly cared for, to protect your leather or suede garment we recommend to get cleaned once a year with Prima Cleaners as we are experienced in producing results of quality that is second to none.

Our highly trained team can also remove marks and stains alongside the touch up of any scratches.

UGG Boots and Shoes

Have your designer shoes and UGG Boots professionally cleaned at Prima Cleaners

Designer Shoes and UGG Boots Cleaning throughout Merseyside

Prima Cleaners can provide you with professional cleaning for UGG Boots, formal footwear, casual footwear, and designer footwear in a whole host of materials ranging from suede and leather to fabric.

Our highly-qualified, trained and experienced team, fully understand and appreciate that footwear can be difficult to keep clean and even more difficult to restore. Our specialist dry cleaning staff will make sure your footwear is back looking it’s best in no time at all. Thanks to the care, attention and innovative cleaning technology that is used at Prima Cleaners.