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Managed laundry systems for education and commercial organisations

Prima is a portfolio of services, focusing on key passion points – quality cleaning and partnerships. After 20 years in retail textile care, we quickly grew into industry leaders and thought it was time to move it forward. Our longstanding industry relationships now also help drive higher revenues and increase value for clients through on-site launderettes.

Smart and personalised, our support is scaled to the requirements of your buildings. We are taking what has worked for two decades and using it to help you boost your profits and reap the returns.

A Prima managed laundry system is a smart choice with detailed road maps and end-to-end support to achieve real results. We are there at every step of the way to support you through everything from the layout of your machines to pricing and detergents.


Reliable and convenient

  • LAUNDRY SOLUTIONS – Simply download, register, and open the app on your mobile device and our interactive search facility will find the Prima laundry that is nearest to you.
  • EASY PAYMENTS – Convenient, secure payment. Pay securely with faster, secure payment system via the app.
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY – Pre-Enter your mobile number or email to receive a message at the end of the cycle.

The advantages to students

  • SAFE AND CLEAN – Students want a safe, secure and convenient laundry within their building. Our laundry environments create the perfect balance of safety and hygiene.
  • ON-SITE LAUNDERETTE – State-of-the-art machines and convenient cashless payment systems meet the highest quality standards.
  • AUTO DOSE – Put your laundry in the machine, detergent is automatically added, then press START.



More Profit… Less Hassle

Prima has unrivalled experience in providing universities, building owners and developers with a sustainable
revenue stream. With an enviable 20-year track record in textile care, we also stand out for site owners,
architects and contractors who are looking to fuel future profits.

Partner with us to explore the very best from your location and launch the very best managed laundry system at
your building. There’s nothing complicated about it.

Delight your tenants and pursue profits on your own terms with an end-to-end system that is unique to Prima. With
support that includes design, refurbishment, installation and hands-on support from core service teams, and no
financial outlay or repair bills, it’s time to get in position for success.

Get Started

  • FREE CAD DESIGN – Total Project Management – Our experts are here to help.
  • FREE REFURBISHMENT – Refurbishment and decoration that minimises waste and disruption.
  • FREE SERVICE – Service within 8 hours, 7 days a week, 364 days a year.


We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and embrace cutting-edge industry developments to bring you:

  • Top-tier machine specifications
  • Choose from world-class equipment that will delight your customers
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • A combination of performance and power offers the ultimate convenience to attract and retain customers.
  • Live machine monitoring
  • Powerful online tools to reduce waiting times and increase customer satisfaction
  • Auto-dosage technology
  • Increase your margins and minimise waste with up-to-the minute auto-dosing solutions.

Mobile App

  • SMARTPHONE APP – Mobile friendly app and user friendly website. Tap into new target audiences with digital channels for the next generation.
  • FAULT ALERT SYSTEM – Challenging traditional industry methods with automatic fault systems that hold no limits.
  • BOOK AHEAD OF TIME – Reserve your machine (or as many as you need) at the click of a button. Your reservation will be held for 10 minutes.

Prima are proud to supply and work with

  • Inspired Property Management
  • Hunters Residential Block Management
  • YPG (Leaders in Student Living and Property Regeneration)
  • Ascot Property Group
  • Caro Short Stay
  • Elliot Group
  • Merseyside Specialist Investment Fund
  • McComb Property
  • ISG