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Is it difficult to run a Prima shop?

Is it difficult to run a Prima shop?

We have carefully chosen our shop design and automated equipment to make the running of a Prima unit as simple and cost-effective as possible with the least number of staff.

  • Our own shops can run effectively with one person on duty that can also run all of the machinery alone on an average day.
  • In peak periods and at peak dropoff and collection times, we might suggest that you support the work load with one extra part-timer.
  • Your tailoring and alteration staff are paid per job and so can attend your shop as required.
  • None of the machinery is particularly complicated to use after you and your team have gone through the extensive training that we and our equipment suppliers
  • Provide within your franchise fee – and once you are trained, it’s fairly easy for you to train your own staff, making it easy to recruit your team locally (which we will also support).

This all makes Prima equally ideal and profitable for a family team to run or for an investor to run through employed staff. If you are employing, you will also find that it is relatively easy to find experienced dry-cleaner staff that will be loyal, because they prefer our working conditions and processes to those of our competitors.

Of course, as an ethical franchisor, our interest is to make sure that you have the very best opportunity to run your business efficiently and profitably – so we will support your recruitment and training needs continually, not just when you join.

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