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A proven business, not just the next ‘big idea’

Franchise Opportunity with Prima Cleaners

A fresh approach to franchising, so your new business has a brighter future.
We don’t like other franchises that ask you to take all the risk on their new concept or ‘big idea’ – the whole point of ethical franchising is for you to buy into something that is proven by the hard work of the franchisor, so you get a head start with less risk.
At Prima we believe that you deserve and should expect a business that is tested, substantial, supported and mutually beneficial.
If we were starting out with our own new business or venturing into this as a new sector, that’s exactly what we would be looking for, so it’s our responsibility to offer exactly the same to you.
What we do is simple to understand, puts a proper business with assets behind you, is very much in demand and continues to prove very profitable in every one of the FIFTEEN YEARS we’ve tested it in all the existing branches of our chain.

By joining Prima you get a proven business (not just a big idea) and can target over £100,000 turnover in Year One

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