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Why Prima is better and more profitable

Because our modern alternative to traditional dry cleaning is based on a unique water process and technology; our shops are cheaper to set up and run, we can thus offer competitive prices with more profit, do everything on the premises and give customers better results faster:

  • Our machines are half the cost of standard dry-cleaning machines or less (because they don’t need to handle toxic solvents).
  • No special safety precautions are needed, so set up can be much cheaper.
  • Prima can be set up in premises as small as 750 ft2 (because our system uses lessspace than solvents or hydrocarbons) and works well in convenient secondary-retail locations off the high street – so your premises will be easier to find and cost less to rent (or buy).
  • We require no special permits for the use or disposal of our gentle cleaning solutions.
  • Our automated shops can be run by just one person – further keeping costs down.
  • Our business has much less impact on the environment than others using toxic solvents – and less impact means less cost and much less risk to your business amidst tightening environmental regulations.
  • You can serve all the work from your premises, so you don’t need to send anything away – which means you can keep more profit for yourself.
  • Better results without the wait and a wider selection of items you can clean mean you will soon develop a loyal repeat customer base.
  • We have arranged the best deals for your supply of consumables at a lower price because of the volumes we can order and economies of scale. This makes sales costs lower and so sales margins higher.
  • We will help protect your territory – this means nobody local can compete with you using our processes.
  • Prima gives you more and the potential to make more, at a much lower cost.

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