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What can I make?

We will help you choose the right location for your business in order that it might attract the highest catchment of customers.

What you can make will depend on the demographics of your chosen location.

A city-centre location which adds a fast-shirt-service to Prima’s normal offering might perform better than a suburban location depending on standard services. Similarly, an area requiring more premium services for designer items and wedding garments might perform better than an area depending more on standard laundry services (unless that was made up of significant commercial contracts).

Nevertheless, we have purposely tested both central and suburban locations and both have performed profitably.

The table below shows first year on-target turnover for a suburban location, split of sales and gross margin (based on proven figures from existing branches)

On target earnings for such a store in Year Two should be £130,000 to £170,000+. As an ethical franchisor, we believe that we should give you a fair example of trading in an average case starting from scratch rather than showing our best figures from wellestablished shops. Nevertheless, our established shops do trade at significantly higher numbers than those above.

This is generally a cash business, so your cash flows should also be good from the start.

The amount that a franchisee can make can vary and is not guaranteed; figures quoted in this prospectus are thus for illustration only as the amount each individual franchisee makes can depend on many factors including their own activity, local market and the degree of established competition.

Nevertheless, these figures are based on the proven and documented sales of the company-owned operations in the Liverpool area as of 2015. Gross margin is quoted as the profit after the direct cost of sales.

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